Our exclusive client list includes:

- Les Schwab Corporate Fleet

- Crown Air LLC

- The Bend Radio Group ( Power 94, KSJJ, Mix 100.7, 92.9FM, )


- Good Life Brewing

- Lifestyle Wake of Bend

And we had the extreme honor of being one of the OFFICIAL detailers of the GOLD RUSH RALLY 9

- We can provide references upon request-

Hand Car Wash,  Interior Wipe Down / Dust - Off, Vacuum
Windows Cleaned, Tires Dressed, Express Spray Wax Applied

Excessively Dirty Vehicles MAY be Charged Add'l fees ... Pet Hair Removal is an add'l charge starting @ $45

Our Foaming Bath, Surface Decontamination , Single Stage Wax/Polish , All Interior & Exterior Surfaces Dressed ( including tires) PLUS Final Hand Polish

Full Detail

Why Choose Us, and AVOID the "drive thru " Carwash?

Taking a nice car to a mechanized or "full-service" car wash is like going to the best steakhouse in town and ordering your prime rib well done. It's a waste of money, and for bona fide car guys, it can be painful to watch because it's actually pretty bad for your car.

You're literally spraying your car with acid.  YES Actual acid!
This isn't a metaphor, I am  not making some ecological point about acid rainwater. Hydrofluoric acid is very harmful -- you might remember it from Breaking Bad?
It is particularly well suited to eat away very fine particles, like road grime. As a result, a lot of "pre-cleaners," "heavy-duty cleaners," and most wheel cleaners have hydrofluoric acid in concentrations strong enough that the CDC even issued a warning to all car wash industry workers.




Just Interior

X press Mini Detail

* SUVs/Mini Vans/Pick ups start at $285

Exterior Paint correction  & Coatings

Having the right tools & products on the job makes a difference

Some shops or the conveyor belt car washes say they offer " professional detailing", but do they? I started detailing vehicles in 1996 using Gliptone Car Care Products at High End Car Dealership, and was trained and certified by Gliptone's expert training staff. To this day I continue to use Gliptone Car Care Products which is celebrating 70 years in the automotive industry! You can trust us to restore your vehicle to its showroom shine, removing scratches, swirl marks, scuffs, and environmental contamination. We also offer Gliptone's Quartz Ceramic Coating line to protect your vehicle for up to 3 years, including leather , wheels, and windows!

Interior Steam cleaning , All mats shampooed, Windows Cleaned, All Vinyl/Leather/ Plastic Interior Surfaces Cleaned & Conditioned

You're putting about a billion tiny scratches in your paint!!!

Let's forget about the acid for a second, you're still hurting your paint every time you go to an automatic carwash.  Even the "softer" brushes repeatedly slap against your car and drag across its paint, carrying with them all the  dirt, not just from your car, but from every car before you and so on, etc. Each particle is essentially a tiny piece of sandpaper eating away at your car's paint. Don't take my word for it, just look at all the swirl marks after your vehicle exits the car wash.

Exterior BAsic


The ultimate detail package

We start with our foaming exterior bath, Drying your vehicle with the softest microfiber towels, complete exterior surface decontamination, 3 step Buff / Wax / Polish finishing with our Quartz Ceramic Coating( Providing up to 3years paint protection ) , Add to this our Complete Interior Deep Cleaning Package , All Surfaces dressed , Headlight reconditioning , Engine Bay Steam Cleaned, Wheels Steam cleaned & Sealant applied , Windows cleaned inside and out. This truly is THE Total Detail Package, This Package is not available for on- site service, we do offer a valet service ( pick up & drop off) or ride service if you decide to drive it to our shop.

Price estimates for "THE CHIEF Detail Package" are upon request

Interior restoration / deep cleaning

At Wild Fire Detailing, we can do a simple vacuum & interior dusting to a full on interior restoration ( as pictured ). We have the ability if requested* to remove the seats;  redye the carpet back to its original glory, remove odors, and deep clean your seating surfaces. Yes, there are some things beyond our scope of ability (ie./ leather & upholstery repair, some human bodily fluids, and removal of rodents including droppings) we will conduct a "walk around" prior to starting any service to ensure we provide exceptional service and address any concerns prior to services.

* Preformed on-site*

Having been in detailing since 1996 I was trained by GLIPTONE and exclusively use their fine line of products! Unlike the local car wash with high school/ college kids that have zero training in detailing, we pamper your car with a environmentally  safe foaming bath and ultra soft micro fiber wash towels. Your car is then dried by air and fresh soft micro fiber towels, this ensures no swirl marks from our process.

No matter if you just want a ON-SITE car wash or full detail package your car gets the same pampering, and you do not need to wait up to 45 min at the car wash . Our on - site car wash takes 30 min while you relax in the comfort of your home, and our full details can take up to 6 hours and can be done at your home or we offer pick up and drop off service. We can even pick up your car while you golf, shop, float the river, or any time that is convenient.


**Excessively Dirty Vehicles MAY Be Charged add'l  fees / Excessive PET HAIR will be charged accordingly **

Shampoo‎ and Steam carpets, mats, overhead, and seat belts / Stain Removal / Steam Air Vents / Deodorize Interior / Leather or Vinyl Clean & Condition / Windows Cleaned / All Surfaces Conditioned/ Cargo area cleaned

Premium Exterior Foaming Bath, Multi Stage Polishing with Foam and Wool Pads, removal of Swirl Marks, and Surface Scuff Marks & Surface Scratches ,Clear Coat Sealant , Exterior Surfaces Dressed, Windows Cleaned

- headlight restoration S

- Odor Removal treatment

- scratch removal

- Ceramic coatings

- Aftermarket wheels

- Auxiliary vehicle lighting
-vehicle mounted gun safes

- rv detailing starts @ $12/foot

-boat detailing Starts @ $12/foot
       ( cabin & topside extra)