Wild Fire Detailing Inc.


Having been in detailing since 1996 I was trained by GLIPTONE and exclusively use their fine line of products! Unlike the local car wash with high school/ college kids that have zero training in detailing, we pamper your car with a environmentally  safe foaming bath and ultra soft micro fiber wash towels. Your car is then dried by air and fresh soft micro fiber towels, this ensures no swirl marks from our process.

No matter if you just want a ON-SITE car wash or full detail package your car gets the same pampering, and you do not need to wait up to 45 min at the car wash . Our on - site car wash takes 30 min while you relax in the comfort of your home, and our full details can take up to 6 hours and can be done at your home or we offer pick up and drop off service. We can even pick up your car while you golf, shop, float the river, or any time you want!

About Us

A local Veteran and family owned business committed to providing the highest and best quality professional auto detailing service in Central Oregon, meeting the individual needs of each customer. We offer the right service to meet your requirement's, from a basic hand car wash to our full recondition services, based on the professionalism, integrity, honesty, and dedication I learned serving in the US Coast Guard. Wild Fire Auto Detailing Exclusively uses Gliptone's Fine Automotive Products which has been in the industry since 1947.

We also offer detailing services for RVs', Boats, and Classic/Exotic Automobiles. Inquire about our VIP Concierge services, and membership programs.

Why Choose Us, and AVOID the "drive thru " Carwash

Taking a nice car to a mechanized or "full-service" car wash is like going to the best steakhouse in town and ordering your prime rib well done. It's a waste of money, and for bona fide car guys, it can be painful to watch because it's actually pretty bad for your car.

You're literally spraying your car with acid.  YES Actual acid!

This isn't a metaphor,I am  not making some ecological point about acid rainwater. Hydrofluoric acid is very harmful -- you might remember it from Breaking Bad?
It is particularly well suited to eat away very fine particles, like road grime. As a result, a lot of "pre-cleaners," "heavy-duty cleaners," and most wheel cleaners have hydrofluoric acid in concentrations strong enough that the CDC even issued a warning to all car wash industry workers.

You're putting about a billion tiny scratches in your paint!!!

Let's forget about the acid for a second, you're still hurting your paint every time you go to an automatic carwash.  Even the "softer" brushes repeatedly slap against your car and drag across its paint, carrying with them all the  dirt, not just from your car, but from every car before you and so on, etc. Each particle is essentially a tiny piece of sandpaper eating away at your car's paint. Don't take my word for it, just look at all the swirl marks after your vehicle exits the car wash.

Hand-drying at car washes isn't great either

 Take a look at the rags they use. Pay attention to how many times those rags get dropped on the ground and picked back up. Now go drop a damp shirt outside and see how much grit it picks up. They just throw them in a dryer and reuse them on the car!