Membership Program

Our Membership program is the ultimate care package for your vehicle; your initial appointment is our Full Detail Service ( interior & exterior) leaving your car shiny and looking like new again! With this program you get 11 On-site Hand Car Washes in addition to the first full detail service, the 11 hand car washes are preformed at your home on a monthly basis on predetermined dates set by you. PLUS if you require more washes or services for other vehicles you own, as a member you will receive a 30% discount and also will be part of our referral program earning credits towards services which you can gain free washes with every 5 new clients and a FREE EXPRESS detail for the 10th new client you refer.

- Membership Program Prices:

  - $465 for Sports Cars / Compacts / Economy

  - $525 for Sedans / Small SUVs

  - $595 for SUVs / Pick - Ups ( i/e Explorer/ Acadia )

  - $ 645 for Large SUVs ( i/e suburbans/ Tahoe)

Wild Fire Detailing Inc.

Concierge Services

When you seek a higher level of Individual Service, we offer our VIP Concierge Services. Your time is important and sometimes you cant wait in line for a Oil Change, or Tire Change; plus figuring out a ride back & fourth. Let Wild Fire Detailing handle these errands for you, with the purchase of any automotive detail service you can request us to do these for you and deliver your vehicle back to your home. This Service is priced at an additional cost, and price is provided at time of booking.

We also feature a exclusive shoppers pick-up & drop-off service as part of our concierge program. With this revolutionary service we meet you at the shopping location of your choice; taking the stress of finding a parking space! We bring your vehicle to our shop and perform a express detail or car wash service, and when you are done shopping simply call us and we will bring you back your car with an amazing showroom shine! This service is priced at an additional cost based upon shopping pick up location.  Prices range from $10 to $25 in addition to detail/wash service requested.